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Welcome to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). From the feral neighborhood cat to your beloved pet that shares your home, all cats are welcome!

Complete the form below to register your cat in Companion Cat World program (CCW).

Lifetime membership: A one-time fee of $13!

Membership includes:
● Registration with CFA. A unique ID number is assigned to your cat and is necessary for attending CFA Shows and competing in Feline Agility.
● Access to CFA newsletter, blogs, special events and offers.
● A customized *membership card with cat photo.
● Your cat’s photo displayed in the online Companion Cat World Gallery
* A photo must be uploaded at the time of registration in order to obtain the membership card. Cards are also available for purchase.

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Please upload the photo of your cat to be displayed on the Membership Card and CCW Gallery of Cats. Suggested Format: Portrait, 200-300dpi, 4mb (max)

Don’t have a photo available at this time? You can still sign up and you will receive a registration certificate via email only.

We’re sorry but membership cards and inclusion on the CCW Gallery of Cats cannot occur if photo is not uploaded at the time of registration.

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Wait! Your cat’s photo can be on more CCW items!
Ordered separately, each item is only $9